A story of trial. A story of pain. A story of hope. A story of gritty redemption.
– Suzette Brawner, author, Uncommon Sense: For Real Women in the Real World

It’s been said that most stories are about a son searching for a father. But this is a book about a Father finding his daughter — and the yearning we all have to be found and fathered well. Sundi Jo’s story will wound you, heal you, and help you see your story in light of a larger narrative.
– Jeff Goins, author, Wrecked: When a Broken World Slams into Your Comfortable Life

Sundi Jo’s collection of letters to her father is an intensely intimate glimpse into her heart; a heart that dramatically changes throughout the journal writing. Her outpouring of raw emotion lends a uniquely compelling authenticity to her story. Her wide-open honesty reveals a candid depiction of brokenness resulting from a life filled with abuse and self-doubt. Sundi Jo’s relentless search for hope and meaning unfolds as a healing story of forgiveness, of release from the past that held her captive, and of victory experienced in surrender. I found myself joining her along this journey, cheering her onward as her heart gradually softened toward others and especially herself while taking steps toward surrendering her life to her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Truly inspiring! The powerful transformation in Sundi Jo’s heart and her desire to serve God and others is certain to change lives. Sundi Jo’s dad would be so very proud of her.
– Mary Beth Carlson, songwriter, performing and recording artist, author and inspirational speaker

Sundi Jo holds nothing back. I admire her straightforward, straight to the heart approach to life, ministry and this book. Dear Dad gives hope to the lost. If you have ever struggled with your identity, read this book. You will be greatly encouraged in your walk with Christ.
– Ted Cunningham, author, Trophy Child

This gut-wrenchingly honest journey of addiction to restoration in Jesus will leave you unable to put this book down.  The author’s unflinchingly raw account of moving from abuse, rebellion, addiction and confusion to healing will move you.  As I turned each page with ever-increasing urgency, desperate to find out how her story ends, I couldn’t help but silently cheer her on.

This book is important, particularly for anyone who has suffered and is feeling confused, lost and alone.  What becomes abundantly clear is that Jesus is the true author of her life, freely giving grace, healing, forgiveness and redemption.  Sundi Jo’s life is now a shining example of how Jesus can turn any broken life into a brand new one, full of hope.

Ultimately, this story is one of compassion.  It is a reminder to treat all people with love and kindness, rather than judgment.  It’s a reminder that people are struggling with all kinds of problems, often in silence, and that Jesus would have us offer the branch of gentle hope than of stern criticism.”
– Julie Cave, author,The Dinah Harris Series

Broken.  Confused.  Drugs.  Alcohol.  Sex.  Abuse.  Obesity.  Anger.  Fear.  In this compelling book, Sundi Jo opens her heart and shares her journey from a life of emptiness and pain to a life that now knows the peace and joy of a personal relationship with Jesus.  Dear Dad will move you to tears, grip your heart, and cause you to look at your own walk with the Lord.  After reading Dear Dad it will be impossible for your life to ever be the same!  Sundi Jo shows us the beautiful transformation that takes place when we become a true follower of Christ.
– Clara Hinton, author, Silent Grief

Sundi Jo is my hero.  Reading “Dear Dad” is like reading a secret diary full of pain and brokenness with a heavy shot of redemption. Her story resonates with me in so many ways.  We have so much in common and the best thing we share is that we have both been redeemed. She is so authentic about her battle scars and pain.  The wounds she suffered as a child shaped her future in detrimental ways.  She is a miracle to have overcome so much!! She continually offers hope and sends the reader to the merciful heart of Jesus. I wept reading this book, remembering each moment where God gave me beauty for ashes. You will be blessed in the reading and more blessed by her heart yielded in complete surrender to the Savior who set her free! “Dear Dad” is powerfully written, practically helpful and offers deep healing.  This is a must read for anyone who has ever been hurt or broken.   I am certain this book will be a powerful tool used to bring healing to wounded hearts all over the world.
– Tammy Bolt Werthem, life coach, author

Sundi Jo’s sincere and well-written story, Dear Dad, perfectly exemplifies what I’ve found to be true in my nearly twenty years of medical practice. Unless we deal with it directly, emotional and spiritual pain can translate into physical illness and addictive, self-destructive behavior. Kudos to Sundi Jo for bravely seeking God’s healing truth and restoration. And double-kudos to her for putting her story in writing so that others can benefit.
– Dr. Rita Hancock, M.D., author, Radical Well-being

With each letter in Dear Dad I could feel Sundi Jo becoming more and more free and finding that stillness within that we all long for. Sundi Jo’s raw authentic transparency in “Dear Dad” captivated me and I couldn’t stop reading. My heart broke when hers did.  I was moved to tears as her story unfolded within the pages. I rejoiced and praised God when she overcame the trials and experienced freedom. The Lord, if we let Him, and surrender fully to Him, can truly bring beauty from any mess, no matter how great or small. Sundi Jo is living proof of that.
– Abby Lewis, author, Living Still

Dear Dad chronicles a young woman’s journey from despair to hope, as she grieves the loss of her father. Sundi Jo gives the reader a candid look at the raw emotions she experienced during some of her darkest moments. Written as journal entries to her earthly father, she includes her thoughts and prayers to her Heavenly Father, and her longing to be loved. Victory over her past comes in the form of complete surrender to God. While Dear Dad exposes the weaknesses we all face, it paints a beautiful picture of a great God who longs to bring us triumph from tragedy.
– Maria I. Morgan, writer, mariaimorgan.com

Sundi Jo’s book Dear Dad is a beautiful story of a trial that God has turned into a triumph. Everyone needs to read a story like this to be encouraged in difficult times, inspired to be a blessing or simply recharge your “spiritual batteries”. It is written with love towards the reader and, above all, the passion towards our Creator, the greatest Father for those who follow Him.
– Helen Todd, vice president, World Missions Alliance

In Dear Dad, author Sundi Jo Graham shares more than her own Father/Daughter story with us, her readers. She boldly, yet gently, shares our story. No matter who you are or what kind of experiences you’ve had, you will see your own reflection within the pages of this book. Princess, you owe it to yourself to breathe in deeply what Sundi Jo offers!
– Shelley Hendrix, author, founder of Church4Chicks

Few people convey their stories with such honesty and detail as Sundi Jo does. Not one to share simply for the sake of storytelling, Sundi Jo tells them in the hope that we, too, can learn from them and possibly avoid the pain she’s walked through. Dear Dad is no different. It’s a powerful account of the beauty and freedom that are ours through grace.
– Jessica Bufkin, editor, Single Roots

Dear Dad is a must read for anyone who has struggled with control, death, addiction, or relationships. All of us. Sundi Jo’s honest retelling of her struggles resonates with readers, giving voice to struggles we have all experienced but don’t often acknowledge. Lives are changed through story. And this story will change many.
– Sarah Farish, writer, blogger, teacher

Important relationships are never easy. When your earthly father is distant, awkward, absent, so far from perfect, how hard is it to embrace the idea of God as your heavenly Father? When years of abuse at the hands of those you should trust builds a wall around your heart, how hard is it to tear down and let God – and others – in? Dear Dad is the raw, heartfelt chronicle of such a journey. In sharing her amazing story of redemption and restoration, Sundi Jo invites us to discover our own inner beauty, to see ourselves through the eyes of our loving and perfect Father.
– Larry Hehn, author, blogger, “Christian in the Rough”

Think you have problems? A deadbeat dad? Addictions? Secrets? Are you gay? Depressed? Do you come from a messed up family? If you answer yes to any of these questions, read this book. Don’t miss this gripping, guided journey to healing, forgiveness and freedom. Sundi Jo will take you by the hand and lead you through her transformative year in a way that will have you reaching for the tissue box one moment and a pen the next.
– Marilyn Luinstra, children’s leader

Brutally honest, compellingly real, Dear Dad speaks to the heart of every little girl hurt through the negligence of the adults in her life and to the need for freedom and healing for the women they become. Sundi Jo holds nothing back as she relates her painful journey from the brink of destruction to the joy of living at peace with herself and the loving Father who walked with her each step of the way.
– Sarah Fotopulous, author, The Sufficiency of Grace

Dear Dad courageously faces the issues of dependency head on. It explores struggles many Christians face, but are afraid to talk about.  Sundi Jo’s transparency in her journey through sorrow and emotional pain offers hope to those experiencing similar circumstances.  Readers can learn about dependency issues and how to relate to someone experiencing addiction. Sundi Jo’s story demonstrates how God is truly the answer to every problem.  This book is one I will treasure in my personal library.
– Kim Jones, author, The Case of the Missing Mountain

Dear Dad is a beautiful story of how one girl realizes she is a princess. Sundi Jo shares the events of her life that left her feeling worthless and out of control. Once her weaknesses were exposed, she was free to find redemption — a new peace from abuse, rape, alcohol, and homosexuality. If you are longing for a peace that surpasses all, this book will help and challenge you to seek it.
– Alene Snodgrass, author, Graffiti: scribbles from different sides of the street 

Don’t miss this heartfelt story about walking through despair in order to find hope. Sundi Jo shares authentically and beautifully, but it’s more than her story, it’s a story for so many others. Her bravery will inspire you to be brave, to find hope in your own difficult circumstances.
– Allison Vesterfelt, managing editor, Prodigal Magazine