Day 7: Bless Those Who Curse You

Bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. – Luke 6:28

From Dear Dad…

How can you love those who you feel are against you? How do you love your enemies? How do you turn the other cheek after being struck once? The Pharisee’s taught in Leviticus 19:18 that you should love only those who love in return. They implied elsewhere that you should hate your enemies. But Jesus says differently.

Not only does Jesus command us to love our enemies, we must bless them as well. We must “pray for those who mistreat us” (Luke 6:28). He goes onto say that “even sinners can love those who love them (Luke 6:32). If you love your enemies then you are truly doing Christ’s work.


This is not easy, nor is it something all are willing to do. It is possible for only those whose lives are fully surrendered to God. We can only show love to those we may not necessarily feel love for through the power of the Holy Spirit. Without our Father’s guidance we are simply selfish, sinful creatures roaming this Earth. We cannot do it by our own power.

What I find amazing is that God still loves those who hate him. He loves those who spit in his face. He loves those who curse his name. He loves those who turn their backs on him. Not only does he love; He patiently waits for their return.

Ask God today to help you do the same. It’s only by His power we can do so.

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