Your father.

Did he love you enough? Did you feel safe with him?

Do you think of him and long for something more?

Did your relationship with him leave you feeling abandoned, used or unlovable? Has that heartbreak left you with bitterness, low self-esteem, and shame?

Sundi Jo knows this pain. She journaled her way through the childhood wounds that left her with a fortress around her heart and her life on the edge of ruin. With each entry, you can hear God’s pursuit of her. You can feel her need of Him and the struggle to trust Him. Turn the pages and find yourself nodding in agreement with her questions, her fear, “Am I beautiful? Am I lovable? Is something wrong with me?”

Dear Dad, Did You Know I Was a Princess? is a memoir of gritty redemption written in love to the dad who missed the chance to really see his daughter.

Don’t miss this incredible eye-witness account of God as Father to the fatherless. See His power to overcome what would otherwise destroy a young and innocent heart, even your heart.


Allow her to share with you her discovery of redemption and restored relationships. Learn how to replace the shame and darkness with the beauty and light of Christ’s love.

Are you brave enough to join her?

It’s been said that most stories are about a son searching for a father. But this is a book about a Father finding his daughter — and the yearning we all have to be found and fathered well. Sundi Jo’s story will wound you, heal you, and help you see your story in light of a larger narrative. – Jeff Goins, author, Wrecked: When a Broken World Slams into Your Comfortable Life

Dear Dad is more than a book – it’s a movement. This is a call to take your life to the next level, regardless of your past. In this book, Sundi Jo will:

  • help you increase your confidence
  • help you decrease the negativity in your life
  • help you strengthen your ability to love others
  • help you decrease your fear
  • help you rebuild broken relationships
  • help you overcome painful memories
  • help you increase your faith

We have all been hurt. Some hurt runs deeper than others. But what if we stared trials in the face and walked out on the other side with redemption?

It’s possible. I promise.

This gut-wrenchingly honest journey of addiction to restoration in Jesus will leave you unable to put this book down.  The author’s unflinchingly raw account of moving from abuse, rebellion, addiction and confusion to healing will move you.  As I turned each page with ever-increasing urgency, desperate to find out how her story ends, I couldn’t help but silently cheer her on. – Julie Cave,  author of The Dinah Harris Series

Who Is This Book For? 

This book isn’t for everyone. It’s for those ready to make a change. Do you:

  • Believe you’ll never be good enough?
  • Think it’s impossible to love others or be loved?
  • Still remain haunted by memories of your past?
  • Believe there are relationships in your life that can never be fixed?

Maybe the answer you’re searching for is closer than you think. Maybe it’s time to take a step into the truth. Maybe it’s time

Six Reasons To Get Dear Dad

  1. Because it’s time for change.
  2. It’s time to learn who you really are.
  3. You’re ready to be part of something bigger.
  4. Your past doesn’t define you.
  5. Your feelings about yourself aren’t always true.
  6. Pride is destroying your life.

You can get the book at your favorite online or local book seller (if they don’t have it, you can order it).